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Equipment & Materials
SINOPEC International New Products Catalogue 2012
China Petrochemical Corporation and SINOPEC International Upstream and Downstream equipment
English version - PDF
SINOPEC International Equipment and Materials Export manual
China Petrochemical Corporation and SINOPEC International business and operations overview.
English version - PDF
Upstream Equipment Catalogue
Upstream, drilling equipment (drilling rigs, mobile drilling rigs), tubes and pipes (casing, drilling pipes, line pipe), workover, cementing, oil recovery and hydraulic fracturing equipment.
Russian version - PDF, DOC.
English version - PDF
Downstream Equipment Catalogue
Petrochemical equipment catalog: heat exchanger, column, hydroreactor, reforming reactor, compresor, pumps.
English version - PDF
China Petrochemical International Product Catalog
Refinery products, synthetic fibre & materials, inorganic chemical products, fertilizer, organic chemical products, synthetic resign, synthetic fiber, catalyst.
English version - ZIP
Refinery and oil field chemicals catalog
Refinery Additives, Chemical Fiber Additives, Ion Exchange Resins, Water Treatment Chemicals, Fuel Oil Additives, Oil Drilling Chemicals, Acid Fracturing Chemicals, Tertiary Oil Recovery Chemicals.
English version - DOC
Export catalogue: Catalyst, White Oil, Petroleum Coke and Vax
Oil Refining Catalyst, Polyolefin Catalyst, Catalysts for Basic Organic Materials, Lube Base Oil, White Oil, Petroleum Coke, Paraffin Wax.
English version - DOC
Integrated Export Partners of SINOPEC International
SINOPEC strategic partners' upstream, downstream equipment, bulk materials catalog.
English version - PDF
Ningbo Heavy Machinery Plant Presentation and Catalogs
English version - ZIP
SZET Presentation
Shanghai Zuoran Engineering Technology (SZET) business and operations overview presentation: structure, projects, major products.
English version - PowerPoint